Working on the Ground Floor of the Mycelium Materials Revolution

Ecovative has been growing fast over the last year, building the facilities to produce millions of pounds of mycelium a year for everything from food to packaging to high quality textiles for the fashion and apparel industry. That production is overseen by a growing team of enthusiastic specialists like Glenn Edmonds. After studying at Rensselaer […]

Building a Better World

Planet Earth is witnessing the largest wave of building and infrastructure growth in human history. To accommodate the ballooning global population, the equivalent of an entire new New York City of floor space will be constructed monthly through 2060, according to Architecture 2030. As commercial and residential development accelerates, the construction sector can ensure the developed […]

Ecovative European Open Patent Program for Composite Materials

Operators on the Substrate production line

Ecovative Design LLC (“Ecovative”) is a biological science and design company, advancing mycelium technology to transform industries with high quality, Earth-friendly materials. Since its founding in 2007, Ecovative has made it part of its mission to make mycelium materials accessible to everyone. The scientists that make up Ecovative’s Mycelium Foundry are pioneers in mycelium materials […]

FFAD Review — Alexandra Kis-Baraksó

The Forager Fashion and Design (FFAD) program puts Forager’s mycelium materials in the hands of independent designers.  For designers, the introduction of a new kind of material is a rare event that creates new possibilities. Forager mycelium hides and foams represent just such a material, made on upcycled plants that would otherwise go to waste, […]

Ecovative’s 2022 — Looking Back at a Pivotal Year

Swersey Silos Opening Celebration

A note from Eben Bayer, Ecovative CEO and Co-founder 2023 is already shaping up to be Ecovative’s biggest ever. But it follows a year full of growth and game changing developments, from major expansions in production scale to high-profile partnerships with world class brands, exciting new innovations in our mycelium technology, and a near doubling […]

Preserving the Pale Blue Dot

Earth from Moon View

— a letter from Ecovative on Earth Day Earth Day is a reminder to prioritize our planet every day. That’s what we’re doing at Ecovative. By making the products people need in harmony with nature, we are rising to our responsibility as good stewards of Spaceship Earth. We’re not just growing Earth-friendly materials and nutrition, […]