There is surging demand for sustainable leather alternatives, as brands rush to develop products that reflect a commitment to Earth-friendly practices and the ethical treatment of animals. Ecovative’s specialized soft goods division, Forager, approaches this problem by partnering with nature itself, using our AirMycelium™ technology to grow beautiful, durable, synthetic-free, and totally vegan materials for the fashion industry.


Grown in only nine days, Forager™ pure mycelium hides are 100% vegan, with naturally high tensile strength, tear resistance, durability, and other traits that are equal to animal leathers.


In any industry, scale is key, and our Forager™ hides can be grown up to 60 meters in length by four meters in width. Our mycelial leather material produces consistently in vertical farms, yielding far less scrap and waste than other methods.

Partnership Opportunities

We are always looking to partner with leading producers to develop the best possible products. Contact us if your company wants to collaborate on sustainable, scalable alternatives for the fashion, beauty, packaging, or food industries.

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