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Ecovative fosters a dynamic environment of creativity and innovation. We celebrate diversity and believe that every voice matters, creating a collaborative atmosphere where ideas thrive. From team outings to eco-friendly and people-centric initiatives, Ecovative cultivates a vibrant and positive culture that inspires and uplifts its employees.
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Celebrating Milestones

Ecovative employees are passionate about the endless potential of mycelium, starting on day one with a tour of its state-of-the-art labs, vast raw materials facilities, and towering vertical mycelium farms. In addition to our world-changing mission, we celebrate individual and team accomplishments through out-of-office activities, team building events, milestone celebrations, and community volunteer days – plus the occasional party, just for fun.

Produce World Class Mycelium Materials

Ecovative is re-aligning entire industries with the cycles of the Earth. We’re developing and commercializing the world’s most advanced mycelium materials, uncovering the amazing natural technologies of biology. Our world class library of mushroom strains, cutting edge research tools and, most importantly, a talented team that gives Ecovative a unique edge in creating materials and products that will change the world for the better.

Inclusive and Diverse

Our team represents many identities and backgrounds, lending to a vibrant, supportive and inclusive work culture. We love what we do, which shows in our strong work and positive work environment. Through weekly teammate spotlights, informative and empathy-building workshops and other initiatives, Ecovative has built a rich and resilient team that reflects the diversity of the ecosystems we’re working to protect.

Environmental Stewards

Environmental stewardship is at the heart of Ecovative’s work and culture. As we work to reduce industry’s impact on the planet, we mark each Earth Day by picking up litter around our home of Green Island, New York. Sustainability clubs, engagement with local conservation groups, paid volunteer days, and more are examples of our commitment to protecting Spaceship Earth.

Breaking New Ground

Ecovative is leading the way to a future beyond plastic pollution, and our scientists are at the cutting edge of mycelium innovation. Nature is the ultimate inventor, creating the most advanced technologies in the known universe, which we apply to new biology-based materials and products. It offers the constant excitement of discovery, helping us attract and keep brilliant problem solvers and innovators to our growing team.

Doing Good

Ecovative is committed to doing well by doing good. Beyond developing new materials that transform industries for the better, we provide annual support to environmental NPOs, donate educational materials to schools, provide charitable donation matches for employees, as well as a paid volunteer day. Our team shares a connection with the planet as well as our colleagues and communities.

Embark on your mission to save Spaceship Earth!

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