This is where the magic happens.

Our Mycelium Foundry, which is the largest of its kind, is where we transform exciting discoveries into tangible products and materials. When clients come to us with requirements, we research and assess the potential of fungi within our extensive collection. When a strain shows promise, we test it in our pilot-scale farms. And when it works, we bring it to a commercial scale, where we produce millions of pounds of mycelium every year.

Our research gets results.


Research is the foundation of our process for developing materials and products. Since there are millions of species of fungi and countless strains yet to be discovered, we’re always working to understand their nature and potential. Our high-throughput screening facilities grow and test them all.


Once a strain shows promise, we grow small or medium-sized batches of mycelial materials for prototyping and testing. This step tells us how the strain performs under various environmental conditions. And it shows if it has the potential for production in larger formats and commercial scales.

Commercial Scale

Meeting the world’s modern material needs takes scale. Our commercial-scale farms grow mycelium products in continuous sheets, producing millions of pounds annually. Better yet, we activate farms close to our partners’ facilities, seamlessly integrating with their existing mushroom farm infrastructure.

Time to grow.

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