A crop for the next 10,000 years.

Mycelium is the future of mushroom farming. And the AirMycelium™ crop is the future of mycelium. AirMycelium is the crop that we produce from different mushroom strains for different purposes. Its technology unlocks the innate properties and intelligence of fungi. Our scientists carefully guide its geometric growth patterns and our sophisticated platform produces a wide selection of materials using only biological processes. Our vertical farms grow pure mycelium products at industrial scales, meeting the sustainable material needs of today (and tomorrow). The final product is ready for markets from fashion to food and beyond.

Top crop.


Durable, flexible, sustainable insulation and cushioning – perfect for a wide range of goods.


Soft, flexible, naturally compostable alternatives to traditional single-use plastic products.


Durable, supple mycelium leather grown at scale and ready for processing by partner tanneries.


Delicious, meatless meat grown in days and infused with all-natural flavors.

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