Made from pure mycelium, our foams emerge from carefully guided natural processes. After their use is through, they dissolve into Earth-friendly, compost-ready organic matter in 45 days.

Home compostable

Ecovative offers an alternative to the “disposable” plastic products common to the beauty industry, by growing biological, home-compostable alternatives from mycelium, for a velvet-soft touch and serum infusions that consumers love.


“Disposable” is a misleading term when it comes to beauty products. Use of makeup applicators and sheet masks grows by 15% each year, while the common plastic-heavy skincare products leave a serious mark on the environment. Our biologically produced foams don’t just avoid the problem of plastic waste — or any waste — they also offer enhanced performance and peace of mind.

Partnership Opportunities...

We are always looking to partner with leading producers to develop the best possible products. Contact us if your company wants to collaborate on sustainable, scalable alternatives for the fashion, beauty, packaging, or food industries.

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