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Ecovative unlocks the power of mycelium to grow better materials – and your business.

Where R&D meets ROI.

Ecovative is the oldest, largest, and most modern mycelium technology company. We have the biggest mycelium R&D lab and use artificial intelligence to speed up the development process. Our business model leverages over 3 billion pounds of existing mushroom farming infrastructure and long-held relationships with mushroom farmers. And we work with some of the most well-known brands in the world to develop custom mycelium-based products, including the handbags people covet and the delicious food they eat. With advanced technology, a smart business model, and great products, Ecovative is built to scale.

A crop for the 21st century.

Mycelium isn’t new. It’s been around for as long as there have been mushrooms. What is new is what we can do with it. Ecovative technology turns mycelium into food, leather, and foam. And it gives mushroom farmers a valuable new revenue stream. Because, unlike traditional crops, mycelium grows in weeks (not months) and isn’t beholden to volatile markets. When farmers decide to put mycelium in the ground, they know exactly how much money they will make when they harvest it because we buy it back. Welcome to the future of agriculture.

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Our Mycelium Technology

Why Mycelium

Why Mycelium



Mycelium Foundry

Mycelium Foundry

As the leader in mycelium fermentation, we harness the power of fungi to produce proteins and leather-like textiles that are good for the planet. Our unique approach leverages over 3 billion pounds of existing mushroom farming infrastructure, enabling rapid production of high-quality proteins and materials – cultivating a better future for Spaceship Earth.

Ecovative unlocks the
power of mycelium to grow
better materials.

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The Mycelium Foundry

We’re always researching, developing, testing, piloting, and commercializing mycelium.

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We have sustainable mycelium materials ready for licensing.

From fungus to this.

& Hides

Using Ecovative’s AirMycelium technology, we create materials for fashion, footwear, apparel, automotive, and more. Our materials create a fraction of the pollution and use far less energy and water to develop. Our development process requires fewer steps than our competitors and is more cost-effective and higher-quality. And we partner with world-leading brands and tanneries to advance the next generation of mycelium materials.


The meat alternative industry is crowded by a long list of brands that use an even longer list of ingredients. Enter MyForest Foods. Made with AirMycelium technology, we make delicious, whole-cut proteins from mushroom mycelium using only five ingredients. The products look like meat, taste like meat, smell like meat, and sizzle like meat. But they create almost no waste or pollution and use just a fraction of the water, land, and resources required to raise animals.

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