We grow better

Ecovative makes it possible to enjoy the products humans
need while sustaining and enhancing life on planet earth.

Made from mycelium

Ecovative pioneered the science of mycelium to grow fully formed structures used in products that replace Styrofoam® and other plastics, leather, and animal agriculture. Today, our Mycelium Foundry has the most complete mycelium library in the world. Using precise systems and a deep understanding of mycelium’s biology, we amplify the natural properties of specific strains to fit unique material needs.

Our Mycelium Technology


MycoComposite technology produces biodegradable Mushroom® Packaging and eco-friendly building materials by using mycelial fibers to bind sustainable materials.

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Ecovative grows bio-based materials that provide sustainable alternatives to leather, plastics, and factory farming via our AirMycelium™ vertical farm process.

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Ecovative has unlocked the power of mycelium to grow better, more sustainable materials.
The Mycelium Foundry
Our Mycelium Foundry offers research and development services to develop sustainable, biodegradable, earth-friendly products using natural mycelial materials.
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Sustainable materials ready for licensing.
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