Partnership Opportunities

Ecovative’s globally recognized mycelium technologies are leading a biomaterials revolution. We work with established manufacturers around the world to develop and commercialize new, high-performance materials, grown sustainably with biology. Our partnership interests span food, textiles, cosmetics, protective packaging, furniture, and far beyond.

Licensing Forms

Consultation Services

Gain access to MycoComposite™, our hemp and mycelium blend. Whether you want to open your own Mushroom® Packaging plant, or to become a Super GIY (Grow-It-Yourself) licensee for personal projects, it’s easy to start.

AirMycelium™ Growth Systems Consultation

We offer consulting and design services to help our partners design, install, operate, and maintain their own growth systems, equipment, and related processes for commercial-scale production of mycelium.

AirMycelium™ Product R&D and Consultation

New materials require new perspectives and endless experimentation. We offer mycelium foundry services ranging from bench-top testing of mycelium materials with high throughput, up to pilot and commercial scale, a pipeline that efficiently takes ideas from prototype to market-ready reality.

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