The Future of Mushroom Farming

While mycelium has been around for centuries, its greatest impact will be in the next century. Powered by Ecovative’s technological innovations, AirMycelium lets mushroom farmers diversify their income streams by providing crops for growing markets like alternative meat and sustainable fashion. AirMycelium frees farmers from being beholden to a single mono-crop, the white button mushroom. We deliver high-quality spawn and substrate, which helps farmers align their business with the direction consumer trends are going in, as sustainable and plant-based choices continue to play a larger role in society.


Maximizing mushrooms.

We harness the power of mushrooms by harnessing the power of mycelium. What’s mycelium? You’ve come to the right place.


A surprising supermaterial.

Mycelium is the root structure of mushrooms. It is made up of webbed networks of branching, thread-like cells called hyphae. Mycelium is strong, water-resistant, decay-resistant, and pressure-resistant. Making it perfect for product development.

Cell Division

Tough stuff.

The power of mycelium comes from within. Through cytokinesis, mycelium endlessly divides into complex webs that fill out all available space with tightly woven fibers. And at the cellular level, it’s reinforced by chitin, which is the same substance that insect shells are made from.

Branching Hyphal Network

Natural intelligence.

Fungi don’t need to be told what to do. Mycelium naturally extends and weaves into forms that maximize surface area and carrying capacity with minimum wasted energy. Of course, mycelium won’t just make a shoe or an insulation panel on its own. That’s where Ecovative comes in.

Tissue Alignment

Human intelligence.

For materials scientists, working with mycelium is largely about guiding this process to replicate structures like meat, leather, and foam. We carefully choose the right strain and control growing conditions for the material we want to create and then let the fungi do their thing.

Growing at Scale

Growable. Scalable. Profitable.

Our AirMycelium™ growth chambers guide pure mycelial fibers into large format sheets. These sheets are grown in vertical farms, layered in tall, long racks to produce vast quantities within a small footprint. After a few days in the chamber, the mycelium is separated from its feedstock, ready to be transformed into products. No toxic chemicals, plastic, or other waste are involved.

Mushroom Library

Our history of making history.

There are millions of different species of fungi, which means millions of possible materials with countless useful qualities. We select strains based on their specific properties and in the process have generated a world-class biological library that is constantly growing. This library isn’t just a resource for biomaterials science – it’s a record of precious fungal biodiversity.

Pilot Chambers

Where nature meets nurture.

After millions of years of evolution, the innate intelligence of fungi means we don’t need to micromanage their growth. By selecting the right strain and creating the right conditions, we can encourage mycelium to weave itself into the exact forms we need. It’s a partnership forged in nature and refined in our labs to the benefit of the Earth.

Global Perspective

The world needs mycelium.

One company can’t save the planet. So, we developed a partner program allowing people with an idea of how to use our materials to impact their own homes, businesses, and communities. It’s our goal to form a global mycelial web of partner producers to steadily replace unsustainable materials with those that come from nature and return to nature when their use is through.

Know more. Grow more.



100% pure mycelium at commercial scale in environmentally controlled, vertical growth chambers.

The Mycelium Foundry

High throughput screening to quickly develop new mycelium materials at R&D, pilot, and commercial scales.

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