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Our mycelial materials are spreading around the world, as new products and partnerships pop up like mushrooms. From food to fashion to shipping and beyond, we’re teaming up with brands and manufacturers who value sustainable products that enrich the planet’s biosphere instead of degrading it. See below for some of the companies currently working with Ecovative’s mycelium technology, and watch this space: there are amazing things in the works.

Consumer Goods

& Hides


Forager Partnerships

We are advancing the next generation of sustainable mycelium materials, in partnership with some of the world’s leading brands and designers in fashion, apparel, automotive and beyond. Just like in nature, it takes an ecosystem.

MyForest Foods in the wild:

Word is out about delicious MyBacon, which can be found in a growing list of markets and restaurants. MyBacon was counted among TIME’s top 100 inventions for 2022, and we’ve added 14 new purchase locations this year alone.

MycoComposite Manufacturers

Ecovative’s MycoComposite technology powers businesses based on sustainable materials. Companies use our mycelium technology for everything from packaging to education to construction materials.

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