Fungi are everywhere, as mushrooms and as mycelium living underground or inside of plants. Not everyone is familiar with mushrooms, so there’s plenty of opportunity to learn the fundamentals. We’ve collected some key concepts and terms to better understand how fungi work, and how we work with them.


Ecovative’s aerial mycelium technology


Derived from biomass, such as plants


Production of complex biologic products such as cells

Forager™ Hides

Mycelium material for tanneries to turn into mushroom leather


Spore-producing organisms such as molds, yeast, and mushrooms

Growth Chamber

Our environmentally-controlled vertical mycelium farm


Branching filaments that make up the mycelium of a fungus

Mushroom® Packaging

Grows and licenses MycoComposite™ technology for packaging


The vegetative part of a fungus, a network of hyphae

Mycelium Foundry

Where we research, develop, and produce our materials


Ecovative’s technology using hemp hurd bound by mycelium

Forager™ Foams

100% pure mycelium foam used for cosmetics and apparel

Spaceship Earth

A worldview encouraging persons on Earth to act as a harmonious crew sharing finite resources, coined by Buckminster Fuller.

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