Working on the Ground Floor of the Mycelium Materials Revolution

Ecovative has been growing fast over the last year, building the facilities to produce millions of pounds of mycelium a year for everything from food to packaging to high quality textiles for the fashion and apparel industry. That production is overseen by a growing team of enthusiastic specialists like Glenn Edmonds. After studying at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute — where Ecovative’s founders met and formed the company — Glenn signed on as an operator for Ecovative Spawn & Substrate’s pretreatment plant, where the raw ingredients for AirMycelium™  technology are processed and mixed together. In this video, Glenn explains the path that led him to Ecovative, the nature of working with mycelium, and why the team is so motivated to bring the Earth-sustaining potential of mycelium technology to global scale.

We’re growing! Click here to view openings at Ecovative, and join the mycelium materials revolution.

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