— a letter from Ecovative on Earth Day

Earth Day is a reminder to prioritize our planet every day.

That’s what we’re doing at Ecovative. By making the products people need in harmony with nature, we are rising to our responsibility as good stewards of Spaceship Earth. We’re not just growing Earth-friendly materials and nutrition, but also realigning the manufacturing of consumer goods with the needs of the planet.

Working with mycelium is an opportunity not only to benefit from what evolution has developed and refined, but also to work in partnership with Nature. The work our dedicated team is doing — growing regenerative materials and food to displace plastics, chemicals, and industrial animal agriculture — will prove of real benefit to future generations.

Today, we are producing Mushroom® Packaging worldwide (over 2 million units last year), have been selling My™Bacon for the past year in the Albany region, and have just started providing Forager™ hides to brand partners. But there is so much more to do.

Here’s the future we’re working toward. By 2030:

  • MyForest Foods will be serving MyBacon to over 250 million people annually.

  • Mushroom Packaging is on track to displace over 50 million pieces of polystyrene annually.

  • Over 100 million square feet of Forager hides will be available to the fashion industry annually.

This represents the beginnings of a positive transformation in the way we make and consume things. Humanity has a unique ability, and crucial opportunity, to recognize and change our behavior. We are all passengers on Spaceship Earth.  Let’s take Earth Day as a reminder to be thankful for our celestial ark, and to recommit ourselves to protecting it.


Eben Bayer – CEO and Co-founder of Ecovative

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