Meet the Textile Designer Showing What’s Possible With Mycelium Materials

Mycelium is stepping up as a sustainable material by a range of industries, including fashion and apparel. But it’s also a brand new kind of material, with traits and possibilities that are still being uncovered. That’s the job of Katherine Reeder, Ecovative’s own Textile Design Specialist

Coming from a background of traditional fabrication and bio-inspired designs, Katherine was a shoe-in for the task of turning mycelium into, well, shoes, handbags, even guitar straps, just to name a few. Working directly with Ecovative’s leading partners, such as ECCO Leather, she builds the prototypes and test products that are the first step toward the products that will begin showing up on shelves next year, made with Ecovative’s Forager™ materials.

In this video, Katherine explains her background and inspiration, sharing some of the recent work she’s done, and the unique experience of working with a first-of-its-kind sustainable material.

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