A European honey bee (Apis mellifera) extracts nectar from an Aster flower.

In Nature, Diversity Isn’t a Slogan, It’s a Way of Life

Diversity is worth celebrating for many reasons. One of them is that nature is built on diversity. 

In any ecosystem, diversity translates to resilience, and creates the conditions for biology to evolve and improve. If a forest is threatened by a certain kind of beetle, for example, genetic diversity is how the impacted tree species survives, and become stronger over time. Those that remain repopulate the forest, and each generation after is also more resistant. This benefits not just the trees, but also everything else living in the habitat they co-create.

Besides the genetic lottery of evolution, every ecosystem grows richer, more abundant and more stable the greater the variety of participants, each contributing different roles and filling different niches. In analogous ways, as our world grows more interconnected, society benefits as space opens for the diverse identities and ways of life that define human existence. Unfortunately this also comes with a great deal of pushback and reactivity, which also goes to show the resilience of interwoven communities. Binaries, segregation, these are human ideas, and biology constantly reminds us that our ideas are often misguided. 

At Ecovative, we work with — and learn from — nature every single day. Designing with mycelium means being constantly aware of the countless variety of interactions that can help or hinder our technologies, and reminded that diversity and interconnectedness is the basic condition of existence. Even the human body itself is full of biological diversity that keeps our systems running, including fungi and bacteria. For life to be isolated or sterile requires a controlled environment — it’s not the natural norm on our living planet.

Ecovative employees celebrate at Albany Pride in June 2023.

“Limbraco’s sophisticated and reliable equipment is essential for meeting the unique requirements of Ecovative’s mycelium crop, AirMycelium.” said Gavin McIntyre, Chief Commercial Officer at Ecovative, “This strategic alliance is a significant step towards scaling up the production of new high-value mycelium crops for mushroom farmers, which hold immense potential for food and fashion.”

The announcement comes after a year of close collaboration between Ecovative and Limbraco. Access to Ecovative and Limbraco’s mycelium production machinery will be exclusive to Ecovative’s mushroom farm network. To enquire about opportunities or become a contract grower visit ecovative.com.

About Ecovative:
Ecovative is a biological science and design company, advancing mycelium technology to transform industries with high quality, Earth-friendly materials. Founded in 2007, Ecovative makes mycelium materials and products commercially competitive and accessible to everyone. Leveraging its Mycelium Foundry, dedicated production capacity and a range of industry leading partners, Ecovative grows better materials for everyday needs. To learn more, visit ecovative.com.

About Limbraco:
For over 50 years Limbraco has been active in the mechanization, automation and delivery of complete systems in the entire mushroom growing sector. With in-house knowledge and technology, Limbraco is able to offer turnkey projects, both in the Netherlands and around the world. This means the engineering, construction, machine technology and climate control systems required for a mushroom farm in its entirety. All specific components are manufactured in-house, for example, picking lorries, conveyors, special doors, climate units, control cabinets, et cetera.

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Lacey Davidson — Lacey@ecovative.com
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