Ecovative employs a diverse group of kind, talented people committed to both a healthy planet and a vibrant, supportive working environment. Drawing from all backgrounds and skills, our growing team is proud of its work every day to advance new mycelium technologies and make better, Earth-compatible materials.
Ecovative is unlike any other workplace in the world, attracting talented people who are passionate about sustainability, biology, and changing things for the better. We have come together to advance the global understanding and application of mycelium technology, and to help bring humans into an abundant future while protecting the environment. Guided by our core commitment to diversity, a healthy workplace and a thriving planet, our constantly growing team is working toward an audacious, hopeful, and exciting vision of a better world. Join us as we make it a reality.

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We are always looking to partner with leading producers to develop the best possible products. Contact us if your company wants to collaborate on sustainable, scalable alternatives for the fashion, beauty, packaging, or food industries.