Spawn & Substrate

Ecovative is the world’s leading mycelium technology company. Using mushroom industry infrastructure, we’ve developed efficiencies and high-quality processes to deliver mycelium products to consumer markets over the last 16 years. With the acquisition of Lambert Spawn Europa, we’ve combined expertise across our organizations to continue to deliver high quality spawn and substrate to current and new mushroom growers as well as our quickly expanding global network of customers growing mycelium materials.

Mushroom Spawn

Quality Grain Spawn for Commercial Mushroom Growers

Inoculated Substrate

Pre-spawned Bags of Ecovative’s MycoComposite Material

State of the Art Facilities

Ecovative Spawn and Substrate Operations
Leaders in Innovation

  • Same proven strains combined with Ecovative’s improved processes yield better quality products.
  • Experienced team to support your business with know-how and cutting-edge practice.
  • Opportunities for growers to expand their businesses into new markets to open up additional revenue streams.

ESS_Substrate on Racks
Efficient Production

  • Automated systems and best practices provide growers with the most consistent spawn available.
  • Mechanical fluid bed technology guarantees exceptional process homogeneity.
  • Unparalleled reproducibility between batches in minimal process time for unmatched efficiency.

Ecovative Spawn and Subtrate Mycologist
Reliable Practices

  • Every culture selected is approved by our skilled mycologists.
  • Substrates are aseptically filled, then placed in HEPA-filtered rooms designed to enhance stable organism growth.
  • Once fully colonized, all spawn must pass our rigid QA protocols before being transferred into inventory.

Our Facilities

Ecovative Spawn and Substrate operates a state-of-the-art production facility in Venlo, Netherlands. Our skilled team provides the highest quality Lambert spawn to mushroom farms around the world. We’re dedicated to supporting our customers to grow their business.

Our Strains

At Ecovative Spawn and Substrate, expert research, strain development, and technological innovation are the heart of our operations. Our best-in-class laboratories, pilot production facilities, and experienced staff are backed by Ecovative’s 16 years of research into mycelium technology. This means high performing strains, and spawn that excels in terms of yields, quality, and resistance to contamination.

Hybrid Off-whites

Hybrid off-whites perform extremely well in a variety of conditions and are highly suited for fresh markets due to their excellent shelf life. These strains produce high yields of excellent quality with proper handling and environment.

  • Strain 901: Our most popular and bestselling white Agaricus strain. A mid-range hybrid leaning more towards a U1 type. Produces high quality mushrooms with a well-rounded cap suitable for the fresh market. It is a very forgiving strain that responds well to a wide range of cropping and sizing techniques.
  • Strain 920: A more aggressive and very productive strain. Pins slightly easier than our 901.
  • Strain 931: High yielding mushroom with a dense cap and stem. Give easier longer stems which makes it well suitable for mechanical harvesting.


Brown strains are more sensitive and less forgiving than hybrid off-whites. Over-watering and sharp environmental changes should be avoided. Cap color will darken with exposure to light at pinning. Also, drenching with chlorine at a minimum of 150 ppm will help develop mushrooms with a rich, dark color. Good harvesting techniques and pruning are vital for Portabella production.

  • Strain 818: The 818 is a highly productive brown hybrid strain. It gives a nice brown cap with good quality and yield. It’s genetically different to other strains on the market. The required growing style is close to the growing style used for white hybrids. It’s known for strong vegetative growth and relatively easy pin-setting. It’s a very productive strain, especially in the later breaks.

Oyster Spawn

  • Strain 123 Pleurotus ostreatus: Produces a dense fruit with a large, deep gray colored cap. These mushrooms possess a nice shelf-life.
  • Strain 124 Pleurotus ostreatus: Has light gray to white caps and is a very prolific producer that is easy to cultivate.
  • Strain 931: Generates abundant clusters of lemon-yellow caps with bright white gills.
  • Strain 126 Pleurotus pulmonarius: Produces caps that are a rich chocolate brown color. The fruit tends to grow in small clusters.

Shiitake Strains

  • Strain 3000: Strain 3000 produces high quality mushrooms with large dense caps. Tolerant of a variety of substrates and growing conditions although it produces better in cooler temperatures.

MycoComposite™ Blends

Our MycoComposite technology combines plant-based waste and Ecovative’s proprietary mycelium strain to produce biodegradable composites that are strong, durable, and free of fossil fuels. This technology is the basis for Mushroom® Packaging, acoustic panels, construction materials, and many other possibilities. It is available to order from Ecovative Spawn & Substrate, depending on your location licensing agreements may apply.


Ecovative’s original MycoComposite™ substrate blend is made with hemp hurd and our proprietary mycelium strain, already hydrated and growing. Because this material is alive, it must be refrigerated upon arrival and used within 2 weeks of receipt.


A popular blend that is lightweight and finer than our original MycoComposite hemp hurd blend, kenaf provides a more detailed feature resolution. Because this material is alive, it must be refrigerated upon arrival and used within 2 weeks of receipt.

MycoComposite substrate blend is a living material and requires refrigerated and expedited shipping. Looking to learn more about the open patent program for Europe, UK and Israel, read more on our blog.

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