Made with two simple ingredients — hemp hurd and mycelium — our packaging products protect whatever you're shipping. Afterwards, they can be broken up and spread into the garden bed, where they convert back into compost. Mushroom® Packaging uses minimal amounts of resources and contains zero man-made chemicals. This nature-made, Earth-friendly alternative to Styrofoam® is one big step towards sustainable coexistence with a healthy planet.


Mushroom® Packaging comes from nature and returns to nature after its use is through. In mostly dry indoor conditions, the packaging will stay shelf-stable indefinitely. But in just a couple steps, you can also fully compost it in 45 days. Simply break the Mushroom Packaging up into smaller pieces, and distribute them into your compost bin or straight into gardening soil, where moisture and microbes will take care of the rest.

2 ingredients: hemp + mycelium

Mushroom® Packaging isn't manufactured, but grown, containing only two ingredients: hemp hurd and mycelium. Hemp hurd is a byproduct of the fiber hemp industry. We upcycle it into food and structure for mycelium, which branches throughout and in between every crease and gap, binding it together into a solid composite material that is light, strong, fire, and water-resistant.

Partnership Opportunities
We are always looking to partner with leading producers to develop the best possible products. Contact us if your company wants to collaborate on sustainable, scalable alternatives for the fashion, beauty, packaging, or food industries.