Our MycoComposite™ technology upcycles farming and forestry byproducts through the power of mycelium. The process enables sustainable biofabrication of eco-friendly packaging protection and construction materials, architectural elements and more. We’re literally growing products that are durable, plastic-free, and 100% home-compostable at the end of their life.

MycoComposite™ Applications

Building and Construction

Our MycoComposite™ hemp blend is naturally flame-retardant, providing insulation and noise-dampening benefits to any space.

Mushroom® Packaging

Mushroom® Packaging uses MycoComposite™ to grow fully compostable protective packaging in an endless variety of custom shapes.

Grow-it-yourself kits

Anyone can design and grow their own hemp–and–mycelium creations at home with one of our GIY kits.

Aerated Bed System

With our large format MycoComposite™ trays, forms can be grown ready to use in products like wetland rafts, door cores, and many others.

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