The Mycelium Foundry

Established in 2007, Ecovative provides leading research and development of mycological technologies to grow high performance, fully biodegradable materials and products. Our Mycelium Foundry draws from a world class library of fungal strains to test and perfect new mycological materials. Strains selected from this process go through our proprietary AirMycelium™ process, where we amplify and leverage their natural properties to grow unique bio-materials that meet our clients' needs.

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There are millions of species of fungi, and countless strains yet to be discovered. At Ecovative, we are constantly working to understand the nature and potential of each one, so we’ve designed high-throughput screening facilities to grow and test different strains. This research process is the foundation of our materials and products.


When a strain shows promise, we test it in our pilot-scale farms. This is where we grow small or medium-sized batches of mycelial materials for prototyping and testing. The 'pilot-scale' step tells us how the strain performs under various environmental conditions, and its potential for production in larger formats and commercial scales.

Commercial Scale

Meeting the world's modern material needs takes scale, and this is the final test of the mycelium we study. Our commercial-scale farms grow mycelium products in continuous sheets, able to produce millions of pounds annually. Even better, the farms can be built close to our partners' facilities, and can seamlessly integrate with existing mushroom farm infrastructure.

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We are always looking to partner with leading producers to develop the best possible products. Contact us if your company wants to collaborate on sustainable, scalable alternatives for the fashion, beauty, packaging, or food industries.
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