AirMycelium™AirMycelium™ - Ecovative’s aerial mycelium technology
Bio-basedBio-based - Derived from biomass, such as plants
BiofabricationBiofabrication - Production of complex biologic products such as cells
Forager™ HidesForager™ Hides - Mycelium material for tanneries to turn into mushroom leather
FungiFungi - Spore-producing organisms such as molds, yeast, and mushrooms.
Growth ChamberGrowth Chamber - Our environmentally-controlled vertical mycelium farm
Hyphae - Branching filaments that make up the mycelium of a fungus
Mushroom® PackagingMushroom<sup>®</sup> Packaging - Grows and licenses MycoComposite™ technology for packaging
Mycelium - The vegetative part of a fungus, a network of hyphae
Mycelium Foundry - Where we research, develop, and produce our materials
MycoComposite™MycoComposite™ - Ecovative’s technology using hemp hurd bound by mycelium
MycoFlex™MycoFlex™ - 100% pure mycelium foam used for cosmetics and apparel
Spaceship EarthSpaceship Earth - a worldview encouraging persons on Earth to act as a harmonious crew sharing finite resources, coined by Buckminster Fuller.

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