Meet the Luthier Growing Guitars with Mycelium

mycocaster by Rachel Rosenkrantz

This gives ‘picking mushrooms’ a whole new meaning The Mycocaster would look right at home alongside the artfully made instruments found in a high end music shop. Slim and handsome, its sleek silhouette is instantly recognizable as a modern guitar. But it doesn’t take long to realize that something is very unique about this instrument […]

Learning to Create with Fungi

Exhibit of objects made from mycelium

Designer Isabel Correa’s experiments ask what interspecies collaboration looks like Turning a corner in the basement of Columbia University’s Teachers College, the heat suddenly rose by several degrees. “This is where it gets very hot,” said designer and PhD candidate Isabel Correa, leading the way down the winding corridors. “It’s good for the mushrooms.” Down a […]

Excell-ing in the lab

Excell-ing in the lab with Ecovative Design’s Mycelium Biofabrication Platform Supporting your next-gen cell culture needs with Excell. NOTE: This blog post was initially written January 21, 2020 and contains information that may be out of date. LIFT, RINSE, COUNT, SEED, REPEAT. This is the mantra that biologists come to live by when growing cells in the […]