Surfers and Packaging Experts Team Up To Reduce Single-Use Plastic Pollution

Ecovative is always looking for opportunities to partner with like-minded organizations dedicated to protecting and restoring the natural environment. That’s why we’re so glad to be working with A New Earth Project, contributing Mushroom Packaging to their growing catalog of Earth-friendly materials. It’s part of a wider effort to protect the oceans by preventing single […]

Do Mycelium Materials Spread Spores?

AirMycelium Harvest

AirMycelium produces 100% pure slabs of mycelium — 📷: Ecovative  Ecovative’s mycelium materials are unique, and always invite plenty of curious questions. One of the most common is about whether our materials will sprout mushrooms, or spread spores that people might inhale or start growing in unexpected places. The short answer is no. But it offers a good […]

Meet the Luthier Growing Guitars with Mycelium

mycocaster by Rachel Rosenkrantz

This gives ‘picking mushrooms’ a whole new meaning The Mycocaster would look right at home alongside the artfully made instruments found in a high end music shop. Slim and handsome, its sleek silhouette is instantly recognizable as a modern guitar. But it doesn’t take long to realize that something is very unique about this instrument […]

Celebrating a New Landmark 

Bert Swersey Silos

It’s not every day you get to unveil a new landmark. But that’s just what we did with our sister company MyForest Foods, and the brand new Swersey Silos. These big, beautiful green towers will provide feedstock for the vast new vertical AirMycelium farm right next door, the largest of its kind. Every year, Swersey […]

How to Grow a Mycelium Company

Farm Scale - Vasil Hnatiuk

To tackle the problem of scaling up sustainable materials, we started working like a mushroom By Eben Bayer- Co-founder and CEO of Ecovative Being first is great, but it can come at a cost. When we introduced mycelium materials to the world, our focus was on one technology: a composite of mycelium and agricultural byproducts […]

Announcing Mycelium Foundry One

A Note from Ecovative’s CEO Announcing Mycelium Foundry One, Fresh Funding, and New Board Members NOTE: This blog post was initially written October 15, 2019 and contains information that may be out of date. THE TIMES ARE CHANGING Consumers demand a reduction in plastics. They also recognize the enormous impact factory farming and mass-scale animal […]

Introducing Atlast Food Co

MyForest Foods MyBacon

A Note from Ecovative’s CEO Introducing Atlast Food Co, Ecovative’s New Company Devoted to Growing the Future of Plant-Based Meat NOTE: This blog post was initially written September 5, 2019 and contains information that may be out of date. Atlast Food Co. has rebranded to MyForest Foods. I am excited to announce today the creation of […]