FFAD Review — Alexandra Kis-Baraksó

The Forager Fashion and Design (FFAD) program puts Forager’s mycelium materials in the hands of independent designers.  For designers, the introduction of a new kind of material is a rare event that creates new possibilities. Forager mycelium hides and foams represent just such a material, made on upcycled plants that would otherwise go to waste, […]

Celebrating a New Landmark 

Bert Swersey Silos

It’s not every day you get to unveil a new landmark. But that’s just what we did with our sister company MyForest Foods, and the brand new Swersey Silos. These big, beautiful green towers will provide feedstock for the vast new vertical AirMycelium farm right next door, the largest of its kind. Every year, Swersey […]

Ecovative and Mycelium — 15 Years Growing

Reflecting on a transformative 15 years, looking forward to the next. This week, Ecovative marks our 15th birthday 🎉  We’re spending nearly all of our waking hours these days scaling up production of mycelium materials, but this is a great chance to celebrate and reflect on the journey so far. 15 years is an achievement, […]

Smithsonian x Ecovative: Welcome to the future— building with mushrooms

Future Stage at Smithsonian - featuring talking panel

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Panel: Future of Food featured Elliot Grant, Danielle Nierenberg, Eben Bayer, Taeryn Kim, and Ashley Mincey at Smithsonian Arts + Industries Building. If you attend or livestream the Smithsonian’s weekly FUTURES events, you’ll see the speakers sitting on a stage that we built with mycelium. The Smithsonian is an historically […]

How to Grow a Mycelium Company

Farm Scale - Vasil Hnatiuk

To tackle the problem of scaling up sustainable materials, we started working like a mushroom By Eben Bayer- Co-founder and CEO of Ecovative Being first is great, but it can come at a cost. When we introduced mycelium materials to the world, our focus was on one technology: a composite of mycelium and agricultural byproducts […]

The Case for Rewiring Modern Manufacturing with Mycelium

Reducing consumption is the ultimate solution to a sustainably stewarded Spaceship Earth. But let’s be real: consumption is showing no signs of slowing. So, just as important as changing hearts and minds is changing the way we make things. By reimagining material goods as part of living cycles, we can expand and reimagine existing manufacturing […]