Empowering Innovators: Celebrating Women in Engineering Day with Ecovative

Celebrating Women in Engineering Day holds immense significance in our quest for diversity and inclusion within the STEM field. By honoring and recognizing the contributions of women engineers, we acknowledge their invaluable impact on technological advancements and problem-solving. It’s crucial to celebrate their achievements to break down gender barriers, inspire future generations of women to […]

Ecovative Raises Over $30 Million, Funding Global Distribution of Planet-Friendly Fashion and Food

The company is increasing production of Forager™ Hides and Foams ahead of new commercial product launches in footwear and apparel. Funds will expand regional availability of subsidiary MyForest Foods popular vegan meat alternative My®Bacon. GREEN ISLAND, N.Y., June 6, 2023 – Ecovative Design LLC, the world’s leading mycelium technology company, today announced the initial closing […]

FFAD Review — Alexandra Kis-Baraksó

The Forager Fashion and Design (FFAD) program puts Forager’s mycelium materials in the hands of independent designers.  For designers, the introduction of a new kind of material is a rare event that creates new possibilities. Forager mycelium hides and foams represent just such a material, made on upcycled plants that would otherwise go to waste, […]