Atlast Food Co. just completed its fourth Atlast Protein tasting event on January 28th and here is what you missed!

NOTE: This blog post was initially written February 5, 2020 and contains information that may be out of date. Atlast Food Co. has rebranded to MyForest Foods.


  • October 2019, Atlast Food Co. hosted its first Feast of the Future prepared by Chef Nick Ruscitto for a select group of invitees.

  • A variety of 5 different dishes were presented to guests – ranging from appetizers, sushi, American classics, and dessert.

  • Atlast Bacon was the star of the show, but the tasting also focused on Atlast Protein as an ingredient to mimic whole-cuts of meat and seafood, as well as carbohydrates.

  • Atlast products are made from the super ingredient mycelium to grow plant-based meat that is non-GMO, soy-free, and quickly harvested.

  • Upcoming Atlast tastings events will be held in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City


The exclusive Feast of the Future tasting was hosted at Peck’s Arcade in Troy, New York, and was preceded by a rare behind the scenes tour of Ecovative Design; the experts in mycelium technologies & parent company of Atlast Food Co.

During the event, the menu presented guests with a varied and robust food tasting featuring Atlast California Rolls, Atlast Baked Clams, Atlast BLT sandwiches, Atlast Tagliatelle in rabbit ragu, and sweet Atlast Crisps in vanilla ice cream topped with scratch-made caramel sauce.  These dishes demonstrated the breadth of recipes that can substitute traditional meat proteins and carbohydrates with Atlast Protein.


Food made from fungi has drawn recent attention from the food industry and investors. Mushrooms are naturally protein-dense and nutrient-rich foods that require zero additives to produce low-fat, healthy and sustainable meat alternatives. Atlast Food Co is the only plant based-meat producer growing fully formed slabs of mycelium meat that can be harvested and cut just like a side of beef or pork. The company is using a novel and cutting-edge solid-state fermentation technique to grow the slabs of mycelium meat – this growth process looks similar to bread rising in the oven. Atlast Protein is grown to specifications for nutrition, texture, and flavor then sliced and seasoned to get our desired meaty results – which these days are a crispy and savory piece of bacon sizzling in our skillet.


Are you curious about how you can get a seat at an upcoming Feast of the Future – without meeting a mad scientist with a flux capacitor enabled Delorean to get you there? Throughout 2020, Atlast Food Co is taking the Atlast Protein tasting on the road to a city near you!