Ecovative and Limbraco Join Forces to Transform Mushroom Farming with Cutting-Edge Technology

• The collaboration opens doors to emerging markets in mycelium-based products, offering farmers new avenues for business expansion.• Comprehensive training and support will be provided to farmers, ensuring seamless integration of this technology into their operations. GREEN ISLAND, N.Y., December 7th, 2023 — Today marks a significant milestone as Ecovative, the frontrunner in mycelium-based materials, and […]

Ecovative European Open Patent Program for Composite Materials

Operators on the Substrate production line

Ecovative Design LLC (“Ecovative”) is a biological science and design company, advancing mycelium technology to transform industries with high quality, Earth-friendly materials. Since its founding in 2007, Ecovative has made it part of its mission to make mycelium materials accessible to everyone. The scientists that make up Ecovative’s Mycelium Foundry are pioneers in mycelium materials […]

Ecovative Raises Over $30 Million, Funding Global Distribution of Planet-Friendly Fashion and Food

The company is increasing production of Forager™ Hides and Foams ahead of new commercial product launches in footwear and apparel. Funds will expand regional availability of subsidiary MyForest Foods popular vegan meat alternative My®Bacon. GREEN ISLAND, N.Y., June 6, 2023 – Ecovative Design LLC, the world’s leading mycelium technology company, today announced the initial closing […]