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Eben Bayer: CEO and Co-Founder of Ecovative

Gavin McIntyre: CCO and Co-Founder of Ecovative

Co-Founders of Ecovative. Left: Gavin McIntyre-CCO. Right: Eben Bayer- CEO.

Co-Founders of Ecovative. Left: Eben Bayer- CEO. Right: Gavin McIntyre-CCO.

Forager™ Foam

Close-up of Forager™ Foam

Forager™ Foam flexes and twists

AirMycelium™ Technology

Scientists harvest from a continuous sheet of mushroom mycelium grown using AirMycelium™ technology - Credit Mitch W. Photography

A scientist adjusts the mushroom mycelium during harvest- Credit Mitch W. Photography

Mushroom® Packaging

Mushroom® Packaging for DelOs - Credit DelOs

Mushroom® Packaging for Sándor- Credit Sándor

Mushroom® Packaging for Keap- Credit Keap